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17 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Garlic

Summer Bruschetta (great for Christmas parties too!)

Brushcetta has become an all party favorite – around the BBQ and Christmas parties too. Easy to make and with great taste using the Garlic Valley Farms Canada garlic juice spray.

Smashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes and corn, mashed potatoes and roast, mashed potatoes and gravy: however you eat it, be sure to use Garlic Juice Spray from Garlic Valley Farms Canada.

Roasted Clams with Butter Sauce

Nothing tastes as good on roasted clams as fresh garlic butter sauce you made right in your kitchen. It should take about 2 minutes with your Garlic Valley Farms Garlic Juice Spray.

Martha Stewart on Turkeys

Martha says Fry it – and who can argue with Ms Stewart and win? 🙂 Our appreciation for the use of Martha’s recipe.

Italian Garlic Bread Magnifico!

Serve up some pasta, salad, antipasto and garlic bread, or just feast on garlic bread and vino – either way, magnifico!

17 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Garlic

Homemade Garlic Butter

Garlic butter makes the world a better place. Skip sodas, leave the cake alone, forfeit your whipped cream, but never, never, ever go without garlic butter.

Herb (Garlic) Chicken Stew

Wonderful winter hearty food with the nutritious and elegant flavor of fine herbs and garlic

Bean Dip the Boys Will Love

Garlic and Beans whipped with balsamic and mustard – served with crackers – Let’s just say serve them the snack, and get out of dodge!

Garlic Croutons – Homemade

Garlic Croutons made at home with the ease of Garlic Valley Farms Cold Pressed or Roasted Garlic Juice Spray. Ceaser salad look out!

Garlic and Healthy Dogs -

Garlic and Healthy Dogs

Small doses of garlic can be very beneficial in preventing flees and ridding them of unwanted worms. Careful though, don’t overdue – too much can be toxic to your pet.

Fisherman Love Garlic

Fisherman love garlic because fish love garlic! Learn how to use garlic to improve your next fishing trip.


GARLIC VALLEY FARMS COLD PRESSED GARLIC JUICE offers a robust natural garlic flavour. Our pressing process preserves all of the natural goodness. Easy spray