Fisherman Love Garlic

Fisherman Love Garlic – Because Fish Love Garlic

Garlic Juice is the choice of Champion Fisherman.  Thousands of fishermen each year buy our cold pressed garlic juice to use on their bait. They discovered that fish love garlic! Many have won fishing tournaments using it. They either spray it on or inject it into the bait. Injecting it allows the garlic to slowly ooze out and last a long time in water – and the fish are attracted to it.

Secret Bass Fishing Technique – As seen at US MESSAGE BOARD

Required Material!

1 Medium Action Fishing Rod
1 Schimano Baitcaster
1 Roll 6 Lb Test
1 Fisherman
1 Texas Rig on line
2 oz Garlic Juice
1 syringe
1 6″ Zoom Cotton Candy Plastic Worm

OK Boys, I don’t know why in the hell I am doing this but I am going to share an ancient family secret with you that will net you more bass than you can fit in your live well.  Thank me later.

Carefully insert a long needled syringe containing 2 or so ounces of garlic juice into one end of a plastic worm. Make it go as far in as possible and be careful NOT to allow it to penetrate the sides of the worm as you will then have a leak and that ain’t good. Withdraw the needle almost all the way out of the worm. While leaving the needle in shoot the cavity you created with the garlic juice leaving only the one hole at the end that you created with the needle. Carefully attach your worm without puncturing the garlic juice cavity.


Bass Love Garlic! It is known that the strong scent of garlic has been used in fish bait lures for years. All the spray on bait juices have it. Our Bass at Lake Lanier love it and request it by name! You’ll see!

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